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Kerala Travel Mart Society is conducting KTM’s biennially from 2000 with the help of Tourism Department.  Currently KTM society is having more than 600 members covering Hotels, Resorts, Houseboats, Home Stay, Service Villas, Travel & Tour Operators, Tourism Publishing Houses and Ayurveda Centers etc. In last KTM, only 245 odd members could participate because of the space constraint. In the following years, it will increase resulting in more demand for space from all sectors.  

Sectorial Consolidation

  1. To prepare a dossier for prominent Classical Ayurveda formulations.
  2. To prepare standardized protocol for the treatment of diseases, where Kerala Ayurveda has unique advantages.
  3. Advice AYUSH on matters relating to fixing Norms and rules for Standardization of drugs and formulations.
  4. Help existing Ayurvedic Hospitals as Centers of Excellence in the areas of Curative, Preventive and Wellness treatments, by helping them for infrastructure up-gradation and by taking necessary accreditations like NABH.
  5. Health Insurance for Ayurveda Treatments, New public health initiatives such as improving quality of life through Ayurveda for terminal diseases, geriatrics etc supported by Government, setting up of an office of AYUSH in the state for the speedy tapping of funds etc.
  6. Help bringing Quality, Efficacy, Safety & Standardization to the Ayurveda Industry in India.
  1. Formulate certification criteria and evaluate them to build credibility and acceptance.
  2. Facilitate Courses for Doctors from other streams.
  3. Quality training and issue certificates to Therapists and other Service staff in coherence with hospitality sector and department approvals.
  4. Multi language training for personnel.


  1. Events
  2. Conducting “AYURVEDA PROMOTION MART” as a biennial trade fair.
  3. Organizations of Exhibitions & Conference
  4. International Ayurveda Conferences and Roadshows
  5. Participation in International Trade Fairs & Industry Events
  6. Representations in International Ayurveda Conferences

Communication Plan

  1. Ayurveda Magazine (tie-up for disseminating success stories)
  2. Success stories
  3. Documentation
  4. Website for Kerala Ayurveda with link to the social media like You Tube, FB, Twitter….etc
  5. Collection & Dissemination of documentary evidence.